All about Female Infertility

1. Control your body weight – Obesity amongst many other causes is a leading cause of infertility. In order to get treatment for infertility, first and foremost step that you have to take is to modify your lifestyles. You need to get moving and losing your fat in order to remain not only in good physique but also in healthy condition to conceive children. Watch with your food intake and throw away sugary foods like carbonated drinks and sodas as well as junk food like burgers, deep fried meat and French fries. These things do not provide you with the necessary strength and energy for fertilization process. Maintain balanced diet including all types of fruits and vegetables to be consumed in varying quantities so that you get the best of nutrients and minerals from all types of healthy food items.

2. Use fertility drug – Clomid is one of the most anticipated and the best fertility drug present in the market. Not only it is cheap, but also very helpful in resulting in successful pregnancies. It is a 5 day course to consume this tablet once daily. It can only be consumed orally and has promising results.

3. Diabetic drugs – Some drugs used to control diabetes or regulate insulin levels inside the women’s body have also been shown to treat infertility, especially PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). However these drugs are to be used in conjunction with balanced diet and regular workouts.

4. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – IVF perhaps delivers the best and the highest chances of pregnancies and provides doctors with a better control over relative multiple births occurrences. It is although, a very costly method of getting treated.

5. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis – Also referred to as PGD, is an Assisted Reproductive Technology method used in artificial insemination to induce ovaries and get pregnant. This method involves complete physical examination o fallopian tubes, vagina, cervix, ovaries and body hormones in order to determine any hormonal disorder and get treatment thereafter. Such a diagnosis is performed before embryo implantation, sometimes even before fertilization. This is one of the safest methods used in Assisted Reproductive technologies where the risk of abnormal birth or birth defect is negligible. The success of this technology is directly related to the woman’s age. If woman is above 35, the chances of getting necessary chromosomes from the embryo would decrease by as much as 50{37fe965217973254aca47e332e36060a5bf0346a780b2fd96efbc1a37500b41e}.

6. Surgery – Ovarian drilling is a surgical method when the woman’s hormone system does not respond or produce enough ovaries after stimulation via drugs or treatment. This process also recognized as Laproscopy could lower male hormones, increasing probability of ovulation.

7. ICSI – ICSI is also referred to as an artificial insemination method of getting pregnant without any sexual intercourse. It is often a highly expensive method of conceiving. Sperms are collected in small tubes via sperm donor or husband and then washed separating live healthy sperms from dead ones. The embryologist then selects a live sperm with the help of a microscopic needle and inserts it carefully into the outer shell of egg penetrating the inner shell. This method has a 70{37fe965217973254aca47e332e36060a5bf0346a780b2fd96efbc1a37500b41e} to 80{37fe965217973254aca47e332e36060a5bf0346a780b2fd96efbc1a37500b41e} rate of success and again varies with patients’ medical condition, physical condition, or emotional condition.

8. IUI – is also an artificial insemination method in which the sperm gets injected using syringes or cervical caps of a sperm donor or husband directly on and above the vagina. This process has a success rate of roughly 10{37fe965217973254aca47e332e36060a5bf0346a780b2fd96efbc1a37500b41e} to 20{37fe965217973254aca47e332e36060a5bf0346a780b2fd96efbc1a37500b41e}. This is relatively cheap and economically priced method of infertility treatment.