Durex Play

Durex condoms are already available in different sizes, textures and flavors. In terms of material, there are now the latex and non-latex for sensitive people. The non-latex condoms are made from a material known as polyurethane that won’t cause allergy but is still soft to the touch to allow for greater sensitivity.

Of late, the manufacturer of Durex came up with a new innovation beyond the usual condoms. This time, it focused on another aspect of achieving pleasure for adult users which is through vibrations. Called Play, the new line of Durex products aims to encourage adult consumers to do a little experimentation with the way they seek pleasure from each other. It comes in four major types – the Vibrations, Ultra, Touch and Pure Fantasy.

The Vibrations features a ring that vibrates for 20 minutes. It comes with a tiny switch that can be turned on and off without much fuss. This is ideal for first time users.

The Ultra provides longer vibrations of up to 40 minutes. Users need not worry about noise as this product does not create a sound when in use. Also, it is waterproof and can be used with the condom on or even without the rubber. It is best used with a lubricant to experience a high level of pleasure.

The Play Touch is worn on the finger. This enables both men and women to provide their partners with stimulating touches to arouse their sexual desires. No sound is emitted when in use. The product is also not affected when it gets wet and it can even be used again as long as you see the need for it.

The Pure Fantasy product is a vibrator that can be used in different speed levels. It’s considered to be a personal massager with no noise vibrations that can easily be adjusted according to the mood you want. Also available is the Durex Play line is 2 in 1 gel. This gel can serve as a lubricant as well when necessary and can be used all over the body. It can be used by people with sensitive skin because of the presence of aloe vera which is a proven skin moisturizer.