Protect Yourself for HIV

HIV is a small and fragile virus that does not survive outside the body. This is commonly transmitted through bodily fluids such as semen, blood or vaginal secretions. It can enter the body through sexual intercourse.

For individuals who are sexually active or couples who are not yet ready to have children, the best form of protection is through latex condoms. For those who are shy to buy it personally on stores, it is now possible to buy condoms online, for more privacy. Condoms are a great protection since the virus cannot penetrate its latex barrier. Using condoms then is highly recommended for people who have high regards with their health.

Many health centers and school facilities even have programs that educate youth and couples alike on how to use a condom properly. Aside from that, they are even informed of various birth control methods that they may wish to use, depending on their preference.

In order to look for the best condom, one must look for the durability of the material as well as its ability to live up to its promise of sensation. Nowadays, there are many condom brands that have various flavored condoms, and there are even those that offer various types such as dotted, tornado, whirlwind, etc. The advancement of science and marketing has made it possible to come up with such variation of condoms. There are cheap condoms and some super expensive ones, but the only people that can determine which is the best condom for you and your partner is just the two of you.

If you have unprotected intercourse, it is best to get tested for possibility of HIV. Some don’t get to realize it until it is far too late. People between ages 15-65 who are sexually active are therefore highly encouraged to visit testing centers to avoid the further spread of the disease. If you or your partner has tested positive, it is best to use a condom for every intercourse to prevent the partner from being affected.